Montstar is a home to Versatile collection of variety of Products. Discovering new ideas has always been a passion for the Montstar. The exciting product designs offer a unique collection to meet the Dream Possesion of a proud buyer.

We have the rarest collection of Restaurant supply/ Kitchenware, Barware and Cookware products. The innovative colors in the Stainless Steel is the Uniqueness of our Table Top supplies and Storage Accessories with unique collection in Flower vase, Candle stands and Pet ware. The exclusive Barware collection and Wine accessories will be a pride possession for any Style Lover Home Dreamer.

Products Range


Deep Oval Tray
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      MS-7000A 23.6x17.5 cm
      MS-7000B 27.2x19.5 cm
      MS-7000C 31.6x21.3 cm
      MS-7000D 35x25 cm
      MS-7000E 36.5x26.5 cm
      MS-7000F 41.5x29 cm
      MS-7000G 47.5x30.8 cm
Deep Oval Plater
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      MS-7001A 23cm
      MS-7001B 27cm
      MS-7001C 32 cm
      MS-7001D 35 cm
      MS-7001E 37 cm
      MS-7001F 41 cm
      MS-7001G 48 cm
Oval Plater
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      MS-7002A 20 cm
      MS-7002B 25 cm
      MS-7002C 30 cm
      MS-7002D 35 cm
      MS-7002E 40 cm
      MS-7002F 45 cm
      MS-7002G 50 cm
      MS-7002H 55 cm
      MS-7002I 60 cm
Semi Oval Plater
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      MS-7003A 27x18 cm
      MS-7003B 30x21 cm
      MS-7003C 34x23 cm
      MS-7003D 40x27 cm
      MS-7003E 45x31 cm
      MS-7003F 50x34 cm
Capsule Tray
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      MS-7004A 27 cm
      MS-7004B 29 cm
      MS-7004C 31 cm
      MS-7004D 34 cm
      MS-7004E 37 cm
      MS-7004F 40 cm
      MS-7004G 43 cm
Fish Platter
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    • Item Code Size
      MS-7005A 45 cm
      MS-7005B 50 cm
      MS-7005C 55 cm
      MS-7005D 60 cm
      MS-7005E 65 cm
      MS-7005F 70 cm
Relish Tray
24 cm
Oval Compartment Tray
35 cm
Round Mess Tray
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    • Item Code Size
      MS-7008A 18cm
      MS-7008B 20cm
      MS-7008C 24 cm
      MS-7008D 26 cm
      MS-7008E 28 cm
      MS-7008F 30 cm
      MS-7008G 32 cm
      MS-7008H 34 cm
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